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DEPARTURE Upon Request
BEST TIME Spring, Summer , preferably Autumn
STYLE Middle Class
HIGHLIGHTS Firuz Abad, Nomads
Professional English speaking guide for whole the trip
Suitable AC vehicle for whole the trip
Bottled water and tea
International flights Any extra hotel needed
Embassy fees Insurances
Personal expenses such as souvenirs,etc. Entrance fees
Accommodation Meals


Home to some great monuments dating back to Sasanid Dynasty, Firuz Abad is surrounded by a mud wall and ditch.

The original ancient city of Gor, the capital of Firuz Abad County dating back to the Achaemenid period, was destroyed by Alexander the Great.

Drive from Shiraz to Firuz Abad early in the morning for about 1h30.

Visit Ghal’eh Dokhtar.

Drive to Palace of Ardeshir.

Meet Qashqai nomads on the way if it is the right season for them to be in that area.

Drive back to Shiraz.

  • Ghal’eh Dokhtar

A 1800 years old fortified castle that contains many of the recurring features of sasanid palace and civic architecture: long hallsarchesdomes, recessed windows, and stairways. The construction is a uniform of roughly shaped stones and mortar, but the surfaces were obviously all finished with a thick coating of plaster or stucco, giving a smooth and elegant appearance, which could have been decorated with ornamentation or painting.

  • Palace of Ardeshir

A palace designed to display the royalty image of ArdeshirI rather than defense purposes. Its architectural design does not match that of Parthian or Sasanid category, this is a unique design particular to architecture of Fars.


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