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10 Nights-11 Days
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  • national-museum-tehran
  • jewel-and-crown-museum
  • jame’-atiq-mosque-shiraz
  • sa’adi-tomb-shiraz
  • jahan-nama-garden
  • vakil-bath
  • vakil-mosque
  • vakil-bazar-shiraz
  • chehel-sotun-isfahan
  • aliqapu-isfahan
  • shah-mosque-isfahan
  • naqsh-e-jahan-square-isfahan2
  • vank-church
  • jame’-mosque-Isfahan
  • aliqapu-isfahan
  • aliqapu-isfahan
  • kashan
  • Daniel-tomb-susa
  • susa
  • chogha-zanbil
  • Shushtar
  • shushtar waterfalls
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  • GolestanPalace-Tehran
  • sa’adabad-palace
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  • vank-church
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  • fire-temple
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  • zendan-eskandar-yazd
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  • Persepolis
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DEPARTURE Every Saturday
BEST TIME All year around
STYLE Economy Class
GROUP SIZE Min.1- Max.8
PRICE This tour is offered at the special price of US$1100
HIGHLIGHTS Tehran, Isfahan,Yazd,Shiraz,Persepolis,Susa,Shushtar
7 nights accommodation in economy class hotel, 2 nights in bus/train Invitation letter for Iran Visa
Professional English speaking local guide 7 breakfasts
Public transportation:metro,taxi,bus,train 1 dinner
All the airport transfers with public transportation 2 bottled water and tea per day
International flights Any extra hotel needed
Embassy fees Insurances
Lunches and dinners Entrance fees
Personal expenses such as souvenirs,etc.

DAY 1:Arrive Tehran

Day 2:Tehran, bus to Isfahan

Day 3: Isfahan

Day 4: Isfahan, bus to Yazd

Day 5: Yazd

Day 6: Yazd, bus to Shiraz

Day 7: Shiraz

Day 8: Persepolis, free evening

Day 9: Shushtar

Day 10: Susa, Shushtar, train to Tehran

Day 11: Depart Iran

Note: visiting museums in Tehran would be possible depending on the day of the week.


Day 1: Arrive in Tehran.

Rest until noon and visit Tehran in the afternoon.

Tehran, metropolitan city laying on the slopes of the tallest peak Damavand, city of museums , art and beautiful parks.

  •  Archaeological (national) Museum:

Hosting an immense variety of objects and monuments from ancient and medieval Iran, it is a worth visiting museum in world. It gets you lost in history.

  • Jewels and Crown Museum:

National jewels treasury let your eyes lit up by visiting most dazzling collection of imperial gemstones and jewelry known in the world.

O/N Tehran

Day 2:Tehran, bus to Isfahan

Continue visiting Tehran with two more museums. Take an evening bus to Isfahan.

  • Golestan Palace

The generous Golestan Palace, as a paradise of tiles, mirrors and arts offers you her infinite beauty, attracts you , hypnotize you and immerse you in its profound glamour. Dating back to Qajar period this complex is the best introduction to 18th and 19th century Iran.

  • Saad Abad

A green massive refreshing patch of natural forest in the very north of Tehran, Sa’d Abad embraces palaces built during Pahlavi.

 O/N Isfahan

Day 3:  Isfahan

With its unrivaled historical monuments, art galleries, handicrafts and beautiful parks Isfahan never fails to attract visitors.

  • Naqshe Jahan square

A characteristic enchanting square that reflects the high end Iranian architecture and art on 16th century.

  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

The unusual family mosque of Shah Abbas that has got the famous peacock tail design doom.

  • AliQapu, Chehel Sotun and Hasht Behesht

Three representatives of the legendary palaces and gardens of Isfahan.

  • Isfahan Bazaar

Unrivaled center for Iranian traditional crafts and arts.

O/N Isfahan

Day4: Isfahan, bus to Yazd.

Continue discovering the other cultural sites of Isfahan. Take an evening bus to Yazd.

  • Jame’ Abbasi Mosque

The best representative of Islamic architecture due to its impressive tall portal minarets the doom and the seven color tiles. The doom is a masterpiece of acoustic.

  • Vank Church

An Islamized orthodox Armenian church in Isfahan.



Day 5: Yazd

Yazd is the oldest and the biggest world heritage adobe city on the edge of the Iranian central desert. It is known as the city of wind catchers.

The evening at your leisure.

  • The old city

The biggest maze of adobe alleys and houses where the life lingers in every corner.

  • Yazd Jame’ Mosque

This 800 years old mosque has got many things to be proud of, the tallest minarets, the completely inlayed portal, the impressive doom and the qanat access stair ways are some examples.

  • Fire Temple

A Zoroastrian ritual place which has inherited a holy flare burning for 1400 years nonstop.

O/N Yazd

Day 6: Yazd, bus to Shiraz

Continue visiting some other sites in Yazd. Take an evening bus to Shiraz.

  • Dolat Abad Garden

An ambitious reproduction of paradise in the heart of desert. The mansion has got the tallest Badgir.

  • Dakhme(Towers of Silence)

A very tranquil Zoroastrian  burial site which includes circular platform for exposing the dead to the elements and vultures.

  • Amir Chakhmagh Complex

The most outstanding monument in Yazd. The front portal which holds the rulers’ high seat and facing the gathering square is the prime part of the complex.

  • Zoorkhaneh

The Iranian ancient traditional sport club where the athletes go to get excited by the beautiful drum and workout.


O/N Shiraz

Day 7: Shiraz

Known as the cradle of civilization, Shiraz has the best reputation among Iranians. Beautiful gardens, poetry, culture, laid back people living their every moment happy detach you from any stress.

  • Zandieh Complex

Vakil bazaar, Karimkhan Citadel, Vakil mosque and Vakil Bath: simply sophisticated monuments built by the good reputed king Karimkhan in his capital in 1700.

  • Nasir Almolk

A Qajar time cozy mosque with its dazzling seven color tiles showing off the unusual pink. The morning light makes astonishing reflection on carpets, passing through the colorful glasses.

  • Hafez Tomb

Known as the singing nightingale of Persian poetry, Hafez pushes you into a wonderful state of trance by his unique Ghazzals.

  • Qoran Gate

An old decorated gate, reminder of the time city was walled.

  • Ali-ebne-Hamze Shrine

The heaven for believers seeking tranquility with the fairy tale tile work.

O/N Shiraz

Day 8: Persepolis and Necropolis

Today you will visit the great gems of ancient Persia. The afternoon is free at your leisure. Take a night bus to Shushtar.

  • Persepolis

A massive sophisticated stone structure, built by Darius in518 B.C. as the ceremonial capital of Persian Empire.

  • Necropolis

Impressive hand cut burial caves of Persian legendary kings.

O/N Bus

Day 9: Shushtar

In the morning visit Shushtar waterfalls and historical bridges. Evening is free to rest.

Shushtar,an ancient city in southwest of Iran known as the pioneer city in water engineering in 200 A.D.

  • Shushtar Water Falls

A UNESCO historical hydraulic system dating back to Sasanid era.

O/N Shushtar

Day 10:  Susa, train to Tehran.

Susaa, the ancient city of Elamite, Achamenian and Parthian  Empires of Iran.

  • Tomb of Daniel

Traditional burial place of the biblical prophet Daniel.

  • Apadana Palace

A palace complex in Susa, capital of Achamenid Empire.

  • Chogha Zanbil and Haft Tapeh

The ancient Elamite Ziggurat to honor the great God Inshushinak

O/N Train

Day 11: Depart Iran

Transfer to IKA and depart Iran.



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