Iran Desert Tours

 There are two main deserts in Iran, Dasht-e-Kavir and Kavir-e-lut. Dasht-e-kavir, the central desert of Iran and among the heat poles of the earth, reaches 50 degrees in summer.It is covered with vast swamps and sand dunes.The second desert Kavir-e-lut has got the hottest area of the earth, reaching 70.7 in summer.Lut has some of the most amazing desert landscape such as; world’s biggest wind eroded sand hills resembling some high rising ruined city from distance, tallest sand pyramids in the world sometimes reaching 480 meters, wavy sand expansions, biggest Nebkas(desert vases) in the world,tallest Rebdous and Hammadas.     One forth of Iran’s plateau surfaces is covered by deserts. Hard working and adoptive desert people have made a paradise of culture and architecture out of the harsh desert which enchants any visitor. One visit is enough to become lover of the desert. Given the fact that a significant part of persian civilization was established by hardworking desert people in the heat of the Lute and Dasht-e-kavir deserts, we believe the travellers should have the chance to experience this inspiring and humble part of the country through experience based Iran desert tours. Hence peacefuliran offers a variety of Iran desert tours giving you the chance to enjoy the desert culture, magnificent adobe architecture, sand dunes, desert night sky, oasis, desert flowers and vegetation, desert eagle and the exceptional chance of staying in a homestay run by a hospitable native family.



A big expansion of Iran is covered with desert. Trying to adopt the harsh climate, hard working desert people have created a brilliant friendly culture and architecture. Join us and enjoy the infinite hospitality and beauty of this humble culture.

$1,500 shahdad


Travelling to desert is more likely to a dream.Untouched areas with hospitable residents as warm as the desert itself. Astonishing attractions beside the silent and spiritual nights with the moonlighted sky is a scene you can never ignore. Join us to make this dream come true.